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A feature film from Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company.

Written By Mark Clayton Southers

Directed by Andrew Paul

A Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company Production

Filmed and Edited by P.J. Gaynard / Goat Milk Fudge Productions


Dr. Cyril Wecht as himself

David Whalen as Jonathan McKenzie

Sam Lothard as David Evans


Susie McGregor-Laine as Flo, Jenny Malarkey & Cherrita Southers as autopsy assistants

Contact: Mark Clayton Southers, 412-377-7803,


Runtime:: 1 hour 50 minutes

Estimated Completion: January, 2022

Production Budget: $53,000 USD

Filmed in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Shooting Format: 4K Blackmagic RAW

Aspect Ratio: 2:40

Film Color: Black & White

Recommended for ages 16 and older.